StealthHoops™ Silent Basketball
StealthHoops™ Silent Basketball
StealthHoops™ Silent Basketball

StealthHoops™ Silent Basketball

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What is the StealthHoops Silent Basketball?

StealthHoops Silent Basketball is a revolutionary basketball designed with advanced noise-dampening technology to reduce the sound of dribbling, bouncing, and swishing, offering a quieter and more focused gameplay experience.

Master Your Dribbling Skills

The silent basketball, your go-to gadget for mastering your dribbling skills without driving your family and neighbors nuts. No more knocks on your door because of loud basketball bounces! The foam material ensures ninja-like silence so you can perfect your dribble moves without turning your home into a basketball battleground. Whether you're aiming to out-dribble your kid brother or impress your friends with newfound skills, the Silent Foam Basketball will be your stealthy partner in this dribbling adventure.

Your Personal Dribbling Gym

Transform any nook of your home into a dribbling paradise with the Silent Foam Basketball. Living room, bedroom, basement – the choice is yours! You won't get death stares from your family or the "not-so-pleased" glances from your neighbors anymore. Develop the slickest crossovers, the fanciest spins, and the smoothest dribbles without being a noise nuisance. Elevate your skills without time restrictions and build your dribbling empire on your terms.

Does it bounce like a real basketball?

The Silent Basketball is designed to closely replicate the bounce of a real basketball. Despite its noise-dampening technology, it maintains the authentic bounce characteristics that players expect from a traditional basketball. This means you can enjoy a natural and responsive bounce while practicing dribbling, shooting, and other basketball skills. The goal is to provide a seamless and realistic practice experience without compromising on performance.

Crafted from Premium Foam

This basketball isn't just foam. Our silent basketball is made of high-quality PU Foam, which is comfortable in your hands, very elastic, super soft, bouncy, and easy to grip. This ball is a bit lighter than a normal regulation basketball and not the same weight. This way your furniture remains intact while practicing!

Our Products in Action

Details & Specs

  • Soft & Quiet (no sound)
  • No need to inflate
  • Dribble anytime and anywhere
  • Works on hardwood, carpet, and any surface!
  • Normal men's basketball size
  • Weighs 10.5 ounces

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